Gungenics Quik-Change 4-Pc. Hand Gun Cleaning Kit

Gungenics patent pending Quik-Change gun cleaning system is here to make your life easier when it comes to cleaning your firearms.

Each full kit comes with:

  • Extended Glass Reinforced Handle with Gungenics Quik-Change Rod.
  • 1 caliber specific bronze brush
  • 1 caliber specific bore jag
  • 1 universal patch eyelet

Kits are available to fit the following calibers:

  • 38, 357 magnum, 9mm and 380.
  • 40 S&W and 41 magnum
  • 44 and 45 calibers.

Shotgun, Rifle and 22 caliber kits coming soon!

Retail Price $24.95

2-Pc. Caliber Specific Set

Already have a Gungenics cleaning rod?  Get the 2 piece caliber kit for all your different caliber firearms.

Retail Price $8.49

Bore Brush

Get Gungenics Replacement Parts when you wear out your brushes.

Retail Price $4.29

22/223 Brush

Gungenics has completely re-engineered the 22 caliber brush to make it more efficient, easier to use and cause less wear on your bore and rifling.

  • Our SuperBrush has twice as many bristles as the standard 22 brush.
  • The SuperBrush bristles are twice as long as a standard brush.
  • The extra bristles and length get your bore cleaner with less effort because there is more give in the SuperBrush, similar to the give in a 45 caliber brush.

Short, stiff bristles on standard 22 brushes leave microscopic scratches on your bore, and must be forced through the barrel. The SuperBrush glides through cleaning twice as much area twice as fast without scratching your bore.

Available in five packs only $12.49 per pack