Product Reviews

From Blue Sheepdog:

“Gungenics has recently released their patent-pending Quik-Change System gun cleaning kit. The Quik-Change system is designed with a quick attach, quick disconnect locking mechanism on each of the cleaning components. Contrary to traditional threaded components, the Gungenics Quik-Change System is a simple push/pull on and off design. Gungenics was at SHOT Show 2016 and have sent us a pistol cleaning kit for us to review.”
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From 2017 SHOT Show All Outdoors:

“One of the more interesting firearms accessories I saw at the 2017 SHOT Show was the line of firearms cleaning kits by Gungenics. These cleaning rods incorporate several innovate features designed to make gun cleaning easier, including color coded rods made of glass-reinforced nylon. I was especially impressed by their .22 rimfire cleaning rod and brush that was noticeably easier to push through the bore than a traditional cleaning kit.”
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From The Arms Guide:

“Gungenics has come out with a Quik-Change gun cleaning system that will simplify your life, at least when it comes to cleaning your guns. Most of us who have been shooting for awhile have a cleaning box filled with a rats nest of rods and brushes in a mess that makes finding the right size equipment a challenge. Throw that mess out and replace it with caliber color coded goodness that cleans great and takes very little space.”

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From Double T.A.P.:


From GunsAmerica:

“Enter GunGenics. At first glance, I thought, “oh look, another gimmick for gun cleaning” – but on closer examination I became more than just a little interested. What caught my attention were two key elements of the GunGenics system: The rod and all non-brush parts are glass-reinforced nylon; and the shaft uses a quick-connect/disconnect or “Quick-Change” system for the brushes, jags, and other attachments. I like the nylon components because I hate to hear metal on metal when I’m cleaning my guns. Even when it is brass or aluminum, which I know is softer than the case hardened steel of the pistol, it still irritates me to hear them scrape. The idea of the quick-change system means I don’t have to fumble around with screw-in parts with oily or grimy fingers.” …Read More

From American Handgunner:

“The Gungenics system is brand new. It’s basically a “quick change” cleaning rod and brushes and jags color coded to match different calibers. You clean the gun using the cleaners you like, but the bayonet-type quick change mount of the Gungenics accessories allows you to bop back and forth between brushes and jags in a snap. The glass-reinforced nylon construction won’t harm your gun either. It all actually works great!” …Read More

From All Outdoor:

“The Gungenics cleaning system should go a long way towards alleviating these woes. Each of their attachments connects to their cleaning rod without using threads and can be quickly and easily inserted or removed. Just align the attachment properly and shove it into the rod, and you’re done. To remove it, press a little lever on the rod and the attachment will come right out.

Another nice touch: Color matched calibers. You need a bore brush and a patch jag for each caliber, and Gungenics uses the same color polymer for that job. For instance, both the 9mm/357/38 brush and jag have blue stems.” …Read More

From Armed and Feminine: