User Guide

Gungenics patent pending gun cleaning system just made cleaning your guns as easy as shooting them. Our patent pending quik-change rods and adapters will have you cleaning your gun in less time and with less effort than any other gun cleaning kit.

You have never experienced gun cleaning this easy! It is as simple as 1,2,3.


Pick the adapter you want to use and insert it into the end of the cleaning rod.

Pick the adapter
  • Brushes, and jags are color coded by caliber so picking the correct caliber is easy.
  • No more destroying brushes because you grabbed the wrong caliber by mistake.


Push the adapter shaft into the rod where it will lock into place.

Push the adapter shaft into the rod where it will lock into place
  • Adapter shafts are extra long to help prevent fingers from being pierced by the bronze brushes.


Clean the barrel of your firearm.

  • Currently available calibers are shown above.
  • Brush, jag and rods are made of nylon infused
    glass making them very durable.

Be sure you push the brush completely through the bore. This will ensure you won’t damage the bristles or the quick release latch.

When you are ready to change adapters it is once again as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Press in on the locking lever and pull the brush out.


Insert the new adapter.


Swab out the bore with the jag.

  • Currently available calibers are shown above.
  • Green is for 44/45 caliber firearms.
  • Blue, is for 9mm, 38, 380 and 357 caliber firearms.
  • Red is for 40/41 and 10mm caliber firearms.

Benefits of the Gungenics Cleaning Kit

Gungenics products feature a limited lifetime warranty – the best warranty of any cleaning kit manufacturer. If a product breaks, wears out, gets run over by your car, or melts because someone used it to cook marshmallows, return it to us and we will send you a replacement free. Brushes are not warrantied.

All Gungenics products are made in the USA and recycleable with your household recycling.